Sweet Tooth

For my university “Brand Experience” project, I had to create a logo for a new or existing brand. I choose to create the company ‘Sweet Tooth’ which is a vintage cupcake company. The target demographic audience for ‘Sweet Tooth’ is from around 25 years old to around 50 years old, mainly women as women are stereotypically more interested in the appearance of cakes then men.

My inspiration for creating ‘Sweet Tooth’ came from working part-time for a couple of years at a large country house hotel which hosted several hundred weddings and events a year. After waitressing at these events, I noticed that no matter how bad the economy was, the amount of money spent on the cake was still increasing. Wedding cakes, for example, cost couples up to thousands of pounds and people are still prepared to pay this much. This also extended the ideas for my brand into creating sea-side coffee shops. Everyone still loves to pay extremes amount for a cup of coffee and a cake, especially in sea-side holiday locations.

Therefore, I decided the main mission statement for ‘Sweet Tooth’ would be to provide luxury, vintage cupcakes for special events alongside having several vintage style coffee shops in sea-side locations. This would then extend the target audience to an older demographic audience, as stereotypically people like to retire to the sea-side and have more of a disposable income.

Firstly, I spent a large proportion of my time drafting and finalising the logo for the brand. This took several design attempts both on paper and on the computer. After finalising the logo, I placed it in several 2D static situations; such as; on a letter head and on the side of a van. A few examples of my storyboards, logo ideas and logo situations can be seen below, yet to see a more detailed process of how I created my logo please feel free to visit my blog.

Secondly, the brand experience brief asked for an animation and motion graphic sequence for promoting the brand. Stereotypically, animations had a character involved and are emphasised graphics, usually aimed at children. This was the most difficult task to try and aim an animation at older adults. Therefore, I decided to storyboard common wedding icons and choose to go with a bow. A few storyboards for the animation can be seen below, however, like the logo, there are several more on my blog. Choosing very simple sound effects for the animation kept the theme of sophistication. Due to the animation being created in Flash, it may be hard to view on mobile browsers, yet please click here to view it.

I then spent a long time working in After Effects trying out just about every effect to see which one would work best for the motion graphics sequence. I decided the ball effect worked successfully as it slightly represented several cupcakes. It gave the impression that people were coming together to celebrate an event or to meet up for coffee, and then going their separate ways again. This is seen by the words separating into several 3D balls and mixing around but then coming back together again to form different words. The overall message given to the audience is what the brand ‘Sweet Tooth’ is through the ideology that cupcakes bring people together.

I have created an interactive aspect of the logo through creating a logo which would be on the brand website. It also has the potential to be a link which is shown in the logo below, feel free to hover over it to notice the change. The image below is a link for this page; it is just to show the potential.

Finally, to complete the project I was asked to create a standalone presentation which shows the logo in real life situations. Using After Effects and several techniques within the programme, the video below shows how the logo could be used in real life situations. The use of Champaign glasses emphasises and promotes the wedding theme for the cupcakes as well as presenting the sophistication and success of the brand. The promotion of the brand on the London Eye emphasises the extent in which the company could expand to and the final video shows what could be the cupcake workshop. The video can be seen below.

Overall, this project has enabled me to learn how to successfully and professionally use Adobe Flash CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6, and expand my skills with Adobe Photoshop CS6. I also found with this project that I became extremely involved and interested in both the business and creative side of the project which encouraged me to complete it within a couple of weeks. This has helped my improved my life skills of organisation, imagination and being critical and constructive about my own work, which involves not settling on the first idea yet improving it again and again. If I was to complete the project again, I would possibly improve the interactive potential and think about creating a children’s brand which could also be easier to animate.

For the full production process of this project, please visit my blog here.