My First Portfolio

During first year of University, I got set a project to create my own online portfolio. This was the first website I ever created using HTML5, CSS and some java plug ins. Creating this website allowed me to expand on the basic code learnt in Uni and develop my own, fully responsive website.

My first action was creating a logo for myself, which at the time I didn't think much of, yet has now stuck by me through all my personal work and respresents myself. I am still very fond of this logo, the only change I have made is slightly changing the font of 'Design'.

After producing this work, my love for websites began and I could not get enough of learning extra code and design work. I researched, for weeks, the most successful design portfolios and contacted a few people for extra advice about the industry. This lead to me wanting to redesign my portfolio and create another one, not very long after creating this one.