Tate App

The Tate Modern App was another University set group project. Working in groups of four or five people, we were set a brief to create an interactive mobile App for the Tate Modern. The development idea had to attract a broad age range from young children to adults. It must also be available to play globally whilst have features to send the artwork to the Tate Modern itself.

We research other art apps such as “Draw Something” which became extremely popular over a short amount of time. Development of the idea included incorporating the Tate Modern’s ideologies, such as; modern, inventive and original art pieces. This gave us inspiration to make the game colourful and creative yet attractive for the targeted audiences.

Our final idea development was an app, available for both Android and iOS, which allows users to create their own artwork for the Tate Modern. Users can play individually or with a friend through 3G or Wifi. There would have been different buttons for colour options, material options as well as an inspiration tab which would have allowed users to view artwork already at the Tate for ideas. Users could have then share their artwork through Facebook or Twitter and tweet it live to the Tate itself.

Following the tweet, there could have been a large screen in the Tate entrance constantly updating with the tweeted images where users would have been able to go to the Tate and see their work live.