22 Seconds

22 Seconds is the title which my group came up with for our video channel project completed at University. The brief specified, in groups of six students, a website must be made containing a series of videos which have the potential to be downloaded and shared over social networking.

After researching other video channels as well as different demographic audiences, my group decided to create a comedy channel aimed at students. This was because, as students ourselves, we knew what best would attract our age group and what would be found the most entertaining which in turn would be passed on through social networking. Therefore we came up with ’22 Seconds’ which is a comedy video channel containing several videos which are all 22 seconds long. Each video is different and the concept allows room for development through allowing users to upload their own videos.

Being project manager, my role in the project was finalising the ideas given as a group to form the name ’22 Seconds’ and help create the branding and logo. In turn, the group then started storyboarding video ideas and scripts. I was also a major part of designing the website as well as overseeing the filming and editing of the videos.

Our final video channel was completed on time and to a high standard, receiving 67% overall. Working as project manager I learnt vital life skills about team leadership, communication and organisation. I also learnt important software skills, such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro, alongside camera and microphone equipment. If I was to complete the project again, I would make sure the website had stronger links to social networking and would improve the site so that the audience could upload their own videos.

You can visit this website here.

Alternatively, read more about the development of the website on my blog here.